Podcasting for Brands Masterclass

How to launch, grow, and start making money off your podcast in the first 60 days

These are the specific tactics we’ve used as a small business to generate over $810K off our podcast since launching

If you are a brand or individual that is looking for the best way to grow your business in 2021 then this is the right workshop for you. Over the last four years starting from scratch with virtually no following we have used The GoGedders Podcast as the main tool to grow our business, netting us over $810k in topline revenue. We saw what it did for us and now produce and market shows for brands like Colliers International, Trek Bicycle, Marquette University and a number of small businesses. If you want to learn how to use podcasting to stand out, build a following, add value to your target audience, generate leads and grow your bottom line all in the next 60 days then make sure to sign up below.

Brands We've Helped

What You'll Get

  • The state of audio and podcasting in 2020
  • How to monetize a podcast without a big following: The exact 4 tactics we’ve used to generate over $810k (hint: it’s not ads!)
  • Marketing: Our top eight tips to use podcasting to gain listeners, grow your your following and generate customers
  • Live Q & A chat box

Should You Take This Workshop?

Who This is For

  • Brand managers and marketers interested in using podcasting as a tactic to grow their business, enhance their overall marketing, drive leads, build credibility, authority and build stronger relationships with their audience
  • Current podcasters relying on ad revenue and sponsorships to make money
  • Influencers/solopreneurs looking for another revenue stream
  • Aspiring podcasters who want to make money off of their efforts
  • Sales people looking to grow their network, build authority and generate leads

Who This is Not For

  • People just looking for technical information on podcasting (we don’t cover that in this 60 minute workshop, although we have other resources that do)
  • People who want to podcast strictly as a hobby with no intention of growing a following or making money off of their podcast
  • Podcasters already making over $10k/month in ad revenue (although I still think you’ll pick up some new tactics and get your money worth from this)

Who You'll be Learning From

Richie Burke

Richie Burke is founder and CEO of GGMM (GoGeddit Marketing and Media) a marketing agency that helps brands including Trek Bicycle, Colliers International, Thrivent Financial, Komatsu, Marquette University and many more grow through services including podcast production and marketing, brand strategy and digital marketing. He is the co-founder of PodFest MKE and regularly speaks on digital marketing, storytelling and podcasting. He is also the host of The GoGedders Podcast, a local Milwaukee podcast which is syndicated by OnMilwaukee, has run over 100 episodes to date and generates 10k downloads per month.

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If you want to stand out, build a following, add value to your target audience, generate leads and grow your bottom line all in the next 60 days. Make sure to sign up today to take advantage of this workshop and get a big leg up on your competition!

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    What our Clients are Saying

    • "We choose GGMM to help us develop the concept, produce the initial episodes and build a marketing strategy for our podcast. I’ve previously worked with many agencies large and small, but the team at GGMM combines the expertise of a podcast production company with the talent and insight of a professional marketing agency that made them stand out among the rest. They also bring an entrepreneurial energy that made them a pleasure to work with."
      Chuck SwobodaMarquette University
    • "We decided to start a podcast as more and more of our audience is looking to podcasts as their preferred storytelling platform. GGGMM helped us with everything from technical aspects of recording and production to consulting with us on the launch, marketing, and long term content strategy. The GGMM team has done a great job of taking initiative on the project, adding creative ideas, being on top of deadlines and delivering a great end product."
      Eric BjorlingTrek Bicycle
    • "For the last couple years, we were looking to break the mold with a new marketing strategy but were struggling with what that might look like. We met with several firms, but it wasn’t until we met with Richie and GGMM that we finally found our answer. They understood our business (commercial real estate) and what was important to us (community engagement), and came up with a strategy that accomplished both through their Podcast offering. Equally important, they facilitated us through the process of concept and ideation, in addition to hosting the actual podcasts. It has been a huge success, and also came with the hidden benefit of supercharging our social media strategy. I would highly recommend GGMM!"
      Lyle LandowskiColliers International WI
    • "As an award-winning publisher and digital agency, we know how to create voice, build community and find audience. But, we hadn't dove into the podcast creation world yet, and needed the right partner who would work collaboratively with us and push us to new areas. The GGMM team was just that... creative, nimble and energetic. They helped us launch "Foodcrush," and it's now become a staple in our media diet and a great extension for our business."
      Jeff ShermanOnMilwaukee